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Coaching Dentists On Acquiring Practices & Building Wealth

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Need Financing To Buy a Practice?

Use The Financial Leadership Solution™

The Financial Leadership Solution™ eliminates your stress and reduces your cost of achieving financial mastery over your life by taking you through The Financial Health Assessment™, The Capital Channel Mapping Process™ and The Execution Solution™. Our team of experts take a financial leadership role through each phase of the process and allow you to continue to focus on dentistry. Below we have explained each step of The Financial Leadership Solution™.

The Financial Leadership Solution™ is based on the idea that your most profitable skill and therefore best use of your time is clinical dentistry and providing leadership in your practice. Our skill is helping dentists achieve wealth by analyzing, finding & implementing the best tools and financial vehicles to create your wealth . Both of us have capabilities, creativity and resources.  Combined we make you stronger. The Financial Leadership Solution™ allows you to swim in the comfort of knowing you have hired an expert.


Step #1: The Financial Health Assessment™

Step #2: The Capital Channel Mapping Process™


Step #3: The Execution Solution™



Even in a good economy, lenders won’t let dentists borrow money for a practice purchase who might not be able to service the loan, now and in the future.  So Step 1 is analyzing your entire financial picture using our Financial Health Assessment™ process to assess your current financial/borrowing capabilities.  Through a special set of questions and financial analysis tools, we help you identify what has to happen for you financially to feel really good about your personal and business progress over several timeframes.  Through our unique financial models we reveal where you have been and where you are today and how financially can you support a practice acquisition for the future.

In Step 2 we use The Capital Channel Mapping Process™ to take the information created in The Financial Health Assessment and create multiple financial scenarios and outcomes based on the assets and tools that are available to you, including your potential new practice.  The Capital Channel Mapping Process creates the ideal capital structure (loan) that will allow you to achieve your specific intentions uncovered in The Financial Health Assessment including funding your current & future lifestyle for you and a spouse or partner, financial support for any children (college, etc.), retirement goals and the growth of your new or additional dental practice.

The Execution Solution™ allows you to focus on your practice while we focus on executing your plan.  We work with commodity providers (lenders, insurance companies, real estate brokers) to fulfill your plan.  Many times it takes multiple providers to complete a plan and we must find, interview, evaluate, work and negotiate with on your behalf, several of each to craft the ideal solution for your financial situation and practice acquisition. This time consuming process is compressed through our proven system.

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