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Coaching Dentists On Acquiring Practices & Building Wealth

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Troy Patton, CPA/ABV


Did you know many Dentists commit financial "Practicide" because of lack of simple financial knowledge and many of the mistakes could be easily avoided.  This is serious.  Why?


Many Dentists end up running their practice for decades and never build any wealth.  In fact 92% of Dentists can not retire at the age of 62 because they lack the resources.

92% of Dentists Can NOT

Retire As Planned!  Why?

Which of the 5 Financial Pitfalls Are You Making?

As an Accountant, CPA, Business Valuation expert and a Mutual Fund Manager I’ve identified 5 of the most common FINANCIAL PITFALLS most Dentists make.  Which one(s) are you making?


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“Acquiring Your First (or Next) Dental Practice”

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Step #1: The Financial Health Assessment™

Even in a good economy, lenders won’t let dentists borrow money for a practice purchase who might not be able to service the loan, now and in the future.  So Step 1 is analyzing your entire financial picture using our Financial Health Assessment™ process to assess your current financial/borrowing capabilities.  Through a special set of questions and financial analysis tools, we help you identify what has to happen for you financially to feel really good about your personal and business progress over several timeframes.  Through our unique financial models we reveal where you have been and where you are today and how financially can you support a practice acquisition for the future.

Troy Patton CPA/ABV